Larrieu's paintings are coming to life!

September 4th, 2020 | Film festival of Rennes-le-Château in France

On September 4th, Larrieu will present RESET: a short film that will be premiered on the occasion of the 6th Film festival of Rennes-le-Château in France.


As he leads his artworks towards new digital horizons, Larrieu has been able to venture into the development of an innovative method to enhance the movements of his already lively elements. Creatures from the depths of time, seahorses, corals, jellyfish, octopuses and dolphins, coming straight from the oceanographic universe of Larrieu’s painting, come to life in a colourful and poetic ballet.


This film is not only filled with a strong sense of beauty but also carries a powerful evironmental message. Humans have proved to be trouble-makers by polluting and threatening the natural harmony of these ecosystems. Perhaps marvelling at the beauty in these artworks will be the motivation we need to finally push us into preserving these habitats before it's too late.




Artworks by Jean-francois larrieu


Currently showing at: The Besharat Museum & Gallery

More information on the festival: Visit Here

September 3, 2020