Novitas Gallery is a Virtual Fine Art Gallery founded in 2020 by Luigi Pérez after working with the Besharat Museum & Gallery for over 7 years he decided to establish a gallery of his own. Inspired by the change in the industry in the past few years and ignited by the recent lockdown era, a new model has been designed to blend the traditional art gallery with modern technology. Becoming an accessible portal to fine art for art enthusiasts who are now facing restrictions to pursue their passion.


With the support and partnership of the Besharat Galleries, we aim to bring an eclectic collection of the finest emerging artists of today directly to your fingertips. Giving you the possibility to start or expand your fine art collection all without leaving the comfort of your home by offering worldwide shipping on all of our well-curated collection. 


Novitas Gallery will host several online-only as well as hybrid events throughout the year, keeping you and your collection updated to the latest happenings in the industry.







40 Grande rue

77630 Barbizon



175 Peters Street SW.

30313 Atlanta, GA