Jean-François Larrieu

Larrieu's artworks are composed of a shimmering palette which he uses to express his freedom and creative inspiration, enabling the creation of artworks that emanate with life.

Jean-François Larrieu is a self-taught painter who was born in 1960 in Tarbes, France. He lives and works between Paris and the South of France. He's been acting as president for the Paris' Salon d'Automne and the French government affiliated Foundation for Graphic and Plastic Arts since 1990.


Jean-François Larrieu's works combine joyful and enchanting superimposed and repetitive forms. He has created a distinctive language choreographed in multicolored mosaic-like oil paintings of exotic landscapes and cityscapes stippled with all sorts of magical figures, trees and birds which transports the viewer beyond the ordinary to a fantastical and imaginary world.


Larrieu has exhibited in over sixty solo shows worldwide. His work has been included in major museum exhibitions such as the Museum of Modern Art in Nanjing, China, the National Museum of Fine Arts in Taiwan, the Santilana Foundation in Santander, Spain, the Museum Sursock in Beirut, Lebanon, the Fine Arts Museum in Shanghai, China, the Lima Museum in Lima, Peru or the Fine Arts Museum in Bordeaux, France.