Carmen Anzano

Carmen Anzanos's work (Spain, 1960) is the exact balance between sculptural presence and pictorial structure. On occasions, a framework of ribbons that become colorist strokes on canvas and, on others, the painting is lost under a surface of threads in tension, giving the piece a three-dimensional quality. Thus, her multidisciplinary aesthetic proposal covers a fixation for the play with forms. Just as she explains it with her own words, "I express myself through painting, although, because of my interest in not just sticking to the bi-dimensional support of the canvas, I have worked on the form as a volume, as a solid body. In the 90's I made a series of volumetrical pieces that I called Cuerpos. They were wooden structures covered by fabric and painted; they were monochromatic and stood out of the wall. Those volumes acquired a strong visual presence as an object-work between the boundary of painting-sculpture".